Frequently asked questions

Are your Kennels airline approved?

Standard KBC Kennel: Yes. Our Standard Kennels with added Flight Rail accessory (only compatable with standard kennels) comply with IATA standards. Keep in mind airlines have different variations of these rules. It is always best to contact the airline you are flying with and obtain their requirements prior to attempting to fly with a kennel. Remember to check all connecting airline requirements. Breakdown Kennel: No, IATA guidelines state that no crate that comes apart, collapses, or folds will be allowed to fly an animal. That being said, all airline requirements vary and it is always best to contact your airline before attempting to fly with a kennel. Remeber to check all connecting airline requirements.

Are your Kennels noisy when used for transport in a vehicle?

Due to expansion and contraction the kennel door may start making a noise. We now have antirattle adjustment taba for the kennel. The tabs can be adjusted with an allen wrench to adjust the space and prevent rattling.They can be added on to the existing kennels. Please contact us through our contact form to purchase.

Are KBC Kennels Crash Tested?

Our kennels have not been officially crash tested. We do our own, in house, impact and strength testing. Currently, the only crash testing for Kennels available is cargo containment. This data only tells us if your dog or kennel will become a projectile in the event of an impact. This testing does not give any data on the surviability of your pet. We have spoken in depth with the organization that provides this crash testing data. There is currently only one kennel in the US that has passed the cargo containment test. Currently, testing facilities are working on designing a test that will be able to provide data on what happens to our pets during an impact.

Can you guarantee my dog won't escape?

We do not offer a guarantee that your pet cannot escape our kennel. We believe we have built one of the most durable kennels on the market and we have had great success containing known escape artisits in our standard kennels. We have no reports of escape in our standard kennels.

How long will it take to get my kennel?

Kennels are made to order. Production time varies depending on current workload. After the product leaves our shop, shipping time depends on carrier and shipping option selected. If you require your product sooner than our typical production time please contact us to discuss prior to purchase. Depending on our workload and stock of material it is possible but rush charges will apply.

Do you offer the breakdown kennels in XL size or custom sizes?

Unfourtionatly at this time we only offer small, medium, and large in our breakdown kennel we do hope to be able to offer XL in the future.

Do you make a kennel x size or for x vehicle?

Yes, we make custom kennels for all vehicles. Please submit our custome quote form under contact us to get started.

What are your kennels made of?

High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) a high density impact resistant plastic. The material is UV Stable and an FDA approved sanitary surface.

How strong are your kennels?

Our kennels can withstand over 1000lbs vertical load and our door can withstand over 1000lbs of force.

Have your kennels been crash tested?

We do our own, in house, impact testing. Feel free to fill out our contact us form to request more information.

What size kennel should I purchase for my dog?

We do not recommend kennel sizes as we have found this to be personal preference. Select a size you are currently comfortable crating your dog in. Recommendations for some animal specialists suggest a kennel just large enough for the dog to enter, turn around, and lie down.